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Scott + Galadriel Host

The Brooks Burgers Legacy…

is permanently engrained in Naples, Florida from the trackrecord (Voted #2 Burger Joint in the Nation) and becoming one of it’s very favorite places to eat. Founder Todd Brooks created this family-owned business to bring delicious food and a great experience for all to come. We encourage you to come visit us at all 3 of our Brooks Locations.

This location in particular has it’s own exclusive additional menu items and a full bar… As of the Fall 2022 Todd welcomed owners Scott & Galadriel Host to the Brooks Restaurant family. While you can get all your favorites like The Donut Burger, Scott and Galadriel welcome you to experience all that Brooks Grill & Tavern has to offer by coming today to visit our Logans Landing Location at Logan Blvd and Immokalee Rd in Naples, Florida. We look forward to serving you, your family and your friends.

Meet Us

Naples residents Scott and Galadriel Host are proud to be joining the Brooks Family with their purchase of Brooks Grill and Tavern. Before the joys of restaurant ownership, they both spent over ten years working with a nutrition company doing sales, marketing, and promotions. It was there that they met. Eventually Galadriel was able to lure Scott, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to her home state of Wisconsin. They spent almost five years there together before they were married in Milwaukee, WI in 2011. Six months after their wedding they moved to Southwest Florida. They had some business partners and friends already living in Southwest Florida so they had visited many times previously, spending their time visiting Sanibel, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Marco Island. After moving here, they left their nutrition company and spent the next ten years working as bartenders at Longhorn Steakhouse here in Naples. The flexible schedule helped them start and grow their family, where they are blessed with three boys, Gunner, Harrison, and Samson.

Naples, Florida

While bartending they developed a following of regulars, spread their roots here in Naples, and really turned Naples into their long-term home. Even though they enjoyed bartending, and loved their guests, they always wanted, and planned, to have their own business. Over a three year plus time frame, they were turned down from either business owners or banks in their quest for their own business. They had deals they thought were closed, turn side-ways and go away. Covid also created many obstacles for them while dealing with banks and lenders, and they felt their dream was in trouble. Thankfully living in the free state of Florida allowed them the opportunity to begin pursuing their goals again, more quickly than most places in the country. In March of 2022 a local business owner chose to sell their restaurant to one of their employees instead of Scott and Galadriel. Frustrated, they went back to the drawing board.

Grill & Tavern

They believe things happen for a reason, and sometimes you have to “let go, and let God.” That is what happened. In May of 2022, they met with Todd Brooks for the first time and immediately saw an opportunity, a mentor, and a plan. The combination of great food, family, and sports created the perfect scenario for Scott and Galadriel to jump in.

“Todd has been nothing short of a blessing to us. We had heard of him being a great boss, and a great guy before we bought Brooks Grill and Tavern. His help, patience, and guidance along this path has been amazing. We feel blessed and honored that he trusts us with upholding the “Brooks Burgers” name and legacy. Couldn’t be more excited about the future of “Brooks” and our role in growing the brand here in Southwest FL.”

From Our Family to Yours…

Come enjoy delicious food with an extended menu AND including all the Brooks Burgers you know and love… Visiting Naples? Even better – prepare to experience what eating at the #2 Burger Joint in the nation is like for the very first time.
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We want you to know exactly what to expect at our awesome North Naples Logan Landing location.

Extended Menu

While we have everything you know and love from Brooks Burgers, Grill & Tavern has even more to offer!


The Brooks Family of Restaurants welcomes you and your family!

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